Prices and Hours

Batting Cages Prices:

  Tokens Pitches
 $2.00  12 
 $3.00  36 
$5.00 72 
  $10.00 13  156 
  $20.00 30  360 

Arcade Prices:

 $1.00 4 
 $5.00 23 
   $10.00 50 
   $20.00 100 

*Most games operate on 1 to 2 tokens, but the Mad Wave Motion Theater uses 12.

Check Home Page for changes in hours.

Sunday - Saturday  6:00 PM ~ 10:00 PM
The Batting Cages close during heavy rain.

Depending on events being hosted on City Island our closing time may vary from before or after 10:00 PM.  You can check out events on our events page.  We can be flexible with our hours of operation.  If you work awkward hours or want to bring a group down before we traditionally open, contact us by e-mail at, and we may be able to work something out with you.
The Batting Cages and Arcade are a seasonal business.  We traditionally try to open for the season on March 15th and only open on the weekends until the weather breaks.  From mid May to mid September, we open everyday, and after that we open on the weekends until the end of October.